When you think of China, the first thing that comes to the mind is the [Great Wall of China]. But as a railway buff, the thing that comes to my mind is that the Chinese Railways are one of the largest networks in the world. However, away from social media, its pictures, images and rail journeys were never much in public domain till I met David Feng […] who has been on the rails of nearly 15 countries and territories since the 1990s. His live tweets and social media updates opened up the world of China Railways with journey live tweets on traditional and High Speed Rails. David was indeed a find! Thanks David for opening up China to the world!
Rajendra B. Aklekar | Railway writer from India and author of Halt Station India, the best-selling book on the romance and history of Indian Railways.

David Feng is the premier independent professional on Chinese railways. But don’t just take David’s word for it — see for it yourselves!

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Prof Feng’s way of delivering a talk is highly unique. He is able to use a lively delivery method to bring the audience into his topic. His talk was fully fitting with the main theme of our TEDx conference, Beauty & Curiosity. The talk he gave was rich in pictures, delivered in a novel way, combining his interests and practice as he shared his story with the audience. TEDx talks are all about ideas worth sharing, and speakers are given a strict set time limit. David Feng is able to present the talk perfectly in English, comfortably using the 18 minutes with outstanding, professional content, showcasing him as an exceptional speaker. He is extremely knowlegeable about the railway and urban metro systems of China, and the stage occupies a unique place dear and near to David […] If you are looking for a truly unique speaker, I warmly recommend David Feng […]
Li Huijie | Organiser, TEDxFengdongSq

As a good friend and colleague of David in the China media realm, I highly recommend him for speaking and interview opportunities regarding […] mass rail transit […] One of the things that sets David apart from other speakers is his honed ability to become a key opinion leader on these such topics. His energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence show time and again that he will surpass your expectations.
Steven Weathers | TV Presenter, Shanghai TV

With over 460,000 kilometers by rail, metro, tram, monorail, and other forms rail transport across Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, he is extremely well-travelled. He is particularly knowledgeable about the rail systems in China, Switzerland, and the UK […] He has been to thousands of rail, metro, and tram stations, including every single station on two of the world’s fastest (350 km/h) High Speed lines (Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Tianjin), as well as every single station on the world’s busiest and (by route) longest metro network (the Beijing Subway), and the oldest such network, the London Underground […] He is […] regularly consulted by rail and metro staff, particularly in China. He places a high value on staying independent so he can act as a critical “third eye”, watching over the system, advising on how to improve it […] He is a famous rail media personality, through many years of social media postings about the railways of China. He is regularly featured on Chinese and worldwide media.
His views now extend across Eurasia as well […] David is a true railway professional, enthusiastically talking about the rails on-stage, and online and with a particular concern to make rail transport efficient and user-friendly. As such I recommend him highly for any engagements and coverage related to trains.

Gilbert Van Kerckhove | President and Founder, Beijing Global Strategy Consulting Co, Ltd; Recipient, Friendship Award of China, Great Wall Friendship Award of Beijing, Magnolia Silver Award from Shanghai, and Knight in the Order of the Crown, Belgium

It’s obvious that Dr Feng understands China’s railway system fully. His ideas on improvements as offered are very much in line with our guidelines at the railways.
Zhang Qianwen | Deputy director, passenger services, Nanning Railway Station (S China), cited in a press report

[…] David Feng’s on-going field work on China’s high speed rail (HSR) network provides both valuable research and a practical service to those interested in the cultural, historical, and social aspects of China’s national rail system. [Prof] Feng’s knowledge, sense of humor, and real-world experience combined with his use of Twitter and livecast video feeds offers a delightful and enlightening real-time view of China’s national rail and HSR network. [Prof] Feng’s rail station and trip assessments are a must for anyone interested in China’s rail system, evidenced by his growing world-wide following on social media.
Jon Taylor | Professor at University of St Thomas, Houston
Spec: China’s political system & admin. state

David is a unique TEDx speaker, unlike any other. His knowledge and enthusiasm for his topic means he translates the otherwise complex into simple, everyday language. He relishes being in front of a huge audience and informing and inspiring them. Very approachable, both onstage and off-stage with everyone else. I’ve seen the astounding outcome of David at TEDx events. Highly recommended.
Lonnie Hodge | Organiser, TEDxCanton