Rail Commitments

Switzerland gave David Feng his first-ever train trip on the national railway network. Since then, especially now in Beijing, he has mainly switched his preferred mode of transport from the city’s avenues to the subway network, a move he doesn’t regret.

As an independent, but influential, train traveller, and more importantly as a professional deeply involved in the national rail, metro, and tram world, he sees the world differently from stations and on trains, and is also committed to many rail-related matters.


  • Everyday Rail English
    Launched in early 2013, David’s campaign to get Chinese railways to use better English has made him well-known and well-loved across the network. At the heart of this campaign is a huge database of unified, standardised, and improved terms and expressions.

  • Chinese (and Eurasian) Rail and HSR Shows and Talks
    In the early 2010s, David was part of railway shows on radio. Not just content with being in front of the microphone at radio stations, he is now also found before the mic at a wide variety of conferences about HSR, in China and across the world, telling Chinese railway stories the way they are. He also livestreams across the Web.

  • Independent Railway Observer
    David sees railways very different from his unique views, having been onboard trains in nearly 20 countries and territories. He’s here to share his views on how to run the rails better and with higher efficiency for all.

  • Pro-HSR Advocate and Activist
    David’s travels are much more efficient thanks to HSR, and as a beneficiary as a paying passenger, he wants the network to grow and to become even better. He has remained pro-HSR both before and after the Wenzhou disaster in China. With 460,000+ km, he’s been advocating rail travel and clocking up 5- and 6-digit figures before Greta and plane-shaming were topics in Europe.

  • Tracking China website
    Launched in its earliest versions as early as 2007, David runs Tracking China, a website mostly in English providing China train travel info, as well as the latest rail news from China.

  • Documentaries and videos
    David has been taking pictures and videos across the railway networks, recording stations as they developed through the ages. From 2017 through to 2019, he did a 400-station Next Station: China series of documentaries and videos, which has since been expanded as Next Station: Eurasia.